Code of Ethical and Professional Standards

As a multidisciplinary group of professionals, the Academy established a Code of Ethical & Professional Standards for practice across disciplines. All members must adhere to the code.

As a member of The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, I pledge:

  • To be committed to the advancement of intervention for survivors of trauma.

  • To maintain the highest standards of competence and professional practice in my work with trauma victims.

  • To provide only those services for which I am qualified by virtue of my knowledge, experience and education.

  • To maintain my knowledge of the research literature directly related to the services I render.
  • To respect the rights of individuals to privacy and confidentiality.

  • To never misrepresent my credentials, education or membership status.

  • To refrain from conduct that would be adverse to the interest and purpose of the Academy.

  • To work toward increasing awareness of traumatic stress and improving treatment for survivors.