An Invitation to the Division of Peace Psychology
Steven E. Handwerker, Ph.D., B.C.E.T.S.
Membership Chair, Division 48
American Psychological Association

Because we have much in common, I am extending to the members of The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress a personal invitation to be part of the Division of Peace Psychology of the American Psychological Association. Hector Betancourt, President of this Division, and many of our members have followed the activities of the Academy and have hoped for a closer tie.

The Division of Peace Psychology exists to promote research, education and professional activity with regard to issues involving peace, nonviolent resolution of conflict, peace building, and the prevention of violence. Members often participate through one or more of our working groups which include: Children, Families and War; Ethnicity and Peace; Peace and Sustainable Development; Public Policy and Actions; Peace and Spirituality; International Alliances and Ventures; Feminism and Peace Psychology; Militarism, Disarmament, and Conversion; and Student Concerns. Those who join Division 48 do not need to be members of or join the American Psychological Association.

Members receive Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, a widely cited quarterly publication with a distinguished international editorial board. Members will also receive our newsletter. Most importantly, members have the opportunity to work with others who combine their work as psychologists with their hopes for a just and peaceful world.

If you wish to join, you may receive an application from our membership office at:

Division of Peace Psychology

2607 Connecticut Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20008

Yearly membership dues are $30.00 and $10.00 for students. If you would like to contact our membership chair, call Steven E. Handwerker, Ph.D., at (561) 447-6700 or e-mail

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